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Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Rationale, description and objectives of the course

This course outline has been prepared primarily for the postgraduate students and fellows in the National Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Genetics, Jordan. However, the course may be of benefit for the entire spectrum of people working in the field of health sciences including medicine, public health, nursing, and allied health sciences.


Applied Anatomy for Postgraduate 24 Lecture and Practice


  1. Define and discuss the anatomical position and commonly used anatomical terms
  2. Describe the basic structure of a spinal nerve and the termination of each type of nerve  fibers; motor, sensory & sympathetic
  3. Describe the basic structure of skeletal muscles
  4. Define and discuss origin, insertion, agonist antagonist & synergist in relation to skeletal muscle function

Basic Genetic and Genetics Counseling


Training and education of primary health care workers on public health approaches for the community prevention and control of genetic and congenital disorders and on the basic principles and application of genetic counseling at the primary health care level.


Communication Skills for Health Care Professionals

Course Description

Students in this course will focus on basic communication skills essential for working with clients of various ages and health care professionals. Content includes interpersonal communications and group dynamics. Students will practice communication and group dynamics. Students will practice communication skills with individuals, within groups, and through electronic media.


Psychological Aspects of Diabetes for Health Care Providers

Rationale for the Training Program:

As a chronic illness, diabetes mellitus represents a challenge for the patient, the family, and health care providers. It is well recognized currently that effective management of diabetes and other chronic illnesses requires an understanding of several factors and undertaking a multitude of interventions in the context of total human experience and functioning.