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In view of the increased prevalence of diabetes and dysglycemia (30%), hypertension (37%), obesity and overweight (74%) and dyslipidemia (50%) among the population of Jordan, it became mandatory to plan for the future with the objectives of preventing or delaying the complications of these chronic diseases. This required mobilization of all services working in the health field in the country. The development of a professional team is of an enormous importance. This team should include specialized physicians, specialized nurses, educators, clinical nutritionists and podiatrists etc. The National Center for Diabetes Endocrinology and Genetics was created to fulfill these goals.

NCDEG is now the leading center for specialized care for Diabetes in the region. NCDEG provides its services to almost 25000 patients through its specialized clinics:

  • Diabetes and Endocrinology Clinic.
  • Genetics Clinic.
  • Ophthalmology Clinic.
  • Cardiology Clinic.
  • Neurology Clinic.
  • Podiatric and Diabetic Foot Clinic.
  • Gastric Clinic.
  • Nuclear Medicine Unit.
  • Specialized Laboratories.